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Setting up a Client System to Access the ANSYS License Server - CFX-Post v11


CFX-Post Client Machine Setup

Any machine that needs to access the license server, must be configured to access the ANSYS License Server. When installing any ANSYS application, such as CFX-Post v11, the ANSYS License Manager setup is included as an option. This MUST be run on all Client machines that need to access the license server. You will need to know the name of the License Server which is the Host Name on the license file provided.

NOTE: If the License Server is also going to be running CFX-Post v11 there is no need to go through this Client Machine Setup on the License Server, only on additional Client Systems other than the License Server.

  1. Download CFX-Post 11.1 from the FLUENT User Services Center. Choose "Polyflow". Then on the next screen change the selection in dropdown box 1 to "CFX-Post 11.1". You must be a registered user to download software from FLUENT web sites. There will be a 32-bit and a 64-bit version available. If you are not sure what version of the operating system you are running on the license server go to this FAQ for clarification first. What FLUENT packages do I download?
  2. Unzip the or file and install the ANSYS License Manager software by double-clicking on the Launch.exe program.
  3. Select "ANSYS License Manager" as the Product to Setup.

  1. Select No to indicate this machine is not a license server.

  1. Select Yes to confirm that you wish to configure this machine as a Client System.

  1. Select Finish and then continue the setup following the remainder of the instructions below.

  1. Launch the ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility. Go to your Start Menu > All Programs > ANSYS FLEXlm License Manager > ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility
  2. Select Specify the License Server

  1. If you already see the correct license server listed as indicated below you may just click the Close button and you are ready to run CFX-Post v11.
  2. If the correct license server is not listed, click the Add Server Specification button.

  1. Enter the hostname for the license server. You can obtain this from the license file, look at the line as shown in this example."SERVER hostname 00ff17ff 01334455 1055". The hostname will be in the location of hostname in the example.
  2. Fill in the hostname and click OK .

  1. You should now see the correct license server specified. Click the Close button and attempt to run CFX-Post v11.

  1. If you run into license issues you MUST send the following files from the license server license.log file and the license.dat file from the C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\Shared Files\Licensing directory to Systems Support.